About Dabbsson

At Dabbsson, we have over a decade of dedicated experience helping people store and generate clean, sustainable energy. Our technology has been honed with industry partners to make sure every detail is of the highest quality; each circuit board, line of code, and durable component is purposefully designed to benefit the environment while maximizing the renewable power available to you. We bring the benefit of sustainable energy to everyone, here and now.




Patented Technologies


Global Employees

Vision & Mission

Making sustainable energy accessible to everyone.

Transform the future to a more sustainable world.

Building the Clean Energy Future

We operate two huge, vertically integrated factories. With over 3,000 employees, our teams design, build, sell and service our products in-house.

It’s our aim to become a carbon-neutral manufacturer. We still have ways to go, but we’ve already made great progress, stamping out waste water discharge and reducing air pollution with our carbon offsetting program.

Why Dabbsson

“ The variety of output options and unique features make it a great investment for those who need electricity at any time.”

What We Provide

Portable Power Station

Balcony Solar System

Solar Panel